The talent we’ve developed here is product of professionalism and dedication. Run by a motivated team that’s driven by mutual understanding, teamwork bonding’s and high integrity blended with trust and diligence.


  • Ownership for self-development and discover possibilities 
  • A new mind of Upskilling, Reskilling and Preparing for  Future skill-set
  • Learning is lifelong journey
  • Motivation by social learning 
  • Utilize our learning and development resources wisely
  • Recognize and reward learning and development as an achievement


  • Skills Development
  • Everyone has a talent and ability to learn
  • We develop your skills and competency through a structured training process
  • We build a foundation for new skills through theory and experience learning programme
  • We provide an upskilling and advanced training culture as an added value
  • Join us for a continuous and exciting learning adventure


  • Everyone is family
  • At PTP, our comprehensive healthcare and insurance benefits cover you and your loved ones 24/7. So you don’t have to worry


  • We are accountable and committed in ensuring fair and equitable compensation at all organization levels
  • We focus on people as employees is company’s valuable’s asset
  • To motivate employees to work at their peak performance
  • To reward individual excellence


  • Your career growth at PTP is guaranteed
  • Everyone has a chance to excel in their field provided they are willing to give it their all
  • As one of the best port in world, we also want our employees to echo the same motto of being the best

endless-treasure-slot-machine Responsible to update data of container handling equipment under Engineering on unplanned activities / services in Computerized Maintenance Management System. Focal point for deployment of resources and execution of both Planned and Unplanned jobs
  1. To Record and update real time equipment outages in Computerized Maintenance Management System whenever Operation or Engineering team.
  2. Receive, verify and sign off from Mobile Equipment drivers.
  3. Follow up information and call to Technicians for equipment status update.
  4. Coordinate and arrange of supporting equipment or operator to carry out breakdown repair and function testing of container handling equipment.
  5. Provide help desk service to Team Leader, Technicians or Equipment Operators on recorded restriction of container handling equipment if any.
  6. Update equipment status outstanding remarks. (Disabled function of equipment)
  7. Support on material request item code search for unplanned activities and prepare material pick slip to technicians.
  8. Update repair record to Equipment Maintenance Planning.
  9. Prepare documentation to warehouse for available spare part as and when required.
  10. Create, release, complete and close of Work Order for all unplanned activities.
  11. Create and submit Service Purchase Requisition to Duty Manager.
  12. Prepare daily hand over report for Duty Manager.
  13. Any other job assignment requested by Duty Manager or Team Leader as and when required.
  1. Possess a technical certificate or diploma in Electrical / Mechanical / Automotive / Electronic / Mechatronic or equivalent/ relevant experience.
  2. Minimum 1 to 2 years’ field experience in container equipment maintenance and repair.
  3. Interpersonal skill: Ability to communicate with various departments for equipment repair activities.
  4. Computer skill: Computer literate with knowledge and experience in Microsoft Office and ERP system.
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  1. Responsible for the development and delivery development programs for the purpose of developing current and future PTP leadership.
  2. Responsible for developing and delivering a Learning and Development strategy that supports the business strategy.
  3. Responsible for the Competency Management Framework with the associated programs and strategies.
  4. Lead the Talent Pipeline Framework with implementation of talent identification and development programs.
  5. Lead the Academic Collaboration Initiatives to ensure the interest of PTP is championed at the talent supply level.
  1. Tertiary Qualifications in Human Resources/Organisational Development or in a related area is essential.
  2. Min 10 Years’ experience in Learning and Development in reputable companies.
  3. Proven experience in managing teams.
  4. Excellent analytical skills
  5. Strong relationship management skills.
  6. Excellent Communicator with all stakeholders.
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  1. Candidate must possess or currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource
  2. Required language : English & Bahasa Malaysia
  3. CGPA : At least 3.00 and above
  4. Fast learner, independent & self motivated
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  1. To plan, execute & sustainability of new implementation initiatives to improve terminal daily operations.
  2. Responsible for all level 4 students to be role model, coach & guide them throughout their journey to graduate.
  3. To ensure all the Kaizen initiatives in Operations Division is follow the timeline & achieve the target.
  4. Responsible for the development and implementation of Operations improvement project and processes throughout the business that deliver an integrated Operations structure.
  5. Responsible for the promotion of a Transformation (LEAN for All) culture and for raising awareness with a view to elevating practises and processes to a higher standard.
  6. Responsible for the identification and implementation of training and awareness programs that address relevant project areas that require on-going attention and commitment.
  7. To ensure all the improvement project and processes initiates by all the Department/Section in Operations Division is updated in time and deliver as per scope.
  8. To ensurenew operations initiatives comply with safety elements of terminal.
  9. Responsible for the LEAN level 4 students progress.
  10. Responsible in representing to engage with internal and external stakeholders to ensure sustainability of the new process implementation and compliance.
  1. At least 3 -5 years of experiences in Terminal Operating System;
  2. Good written and verbal communication skills;
  3. Good presentation and facilitation skills;
  4. Strong interpersonal skills, effective negotiation skills and conflict resolution skills;
  5. Strong analytical, practical and problem-solving skills.
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  1. Carry out security duty at any location assign.
  2. To conduct traffic control within port of bet casino Pelepas area.
  3. To conduct checks and supplying fresh water as request by vessel.
  4. To deter any unlawful act or arson by conducting land marine patrol.
  5. To participate in training related activities in security and emergency services matter.
  6. To safe guard company assets and to safe guard essential and sensitive place within Port ff bet casino Pelepas.
  7. Responsible to enforce laws and orders in port area including on security and emergency matters where they are entrusted to carry out.
  1. Minimum Qualification - SPM.
  2. Ability to mix at all level of people.
  3. Experience in security field is advantage.
  4. Good command of English & Bahasa Malaysia language, and excellent communication & interpersonal skills.
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  1. Respond to emergency calls and assist ECM Supervisor on rescue and firefighting operations, test, maintenance of fire equipment’s and conducts training and drills for port users.
  2. Conduct rescue, oil spill response and firefighting task.
  3. Respond and attend all emergency calls within respond time.
  4. Participate in training related activities in security and emergency services matter.
  5. Conduct enforcement checks on bunkering activities and other activities that related with emergency services.
  6. Spot checks and random test on fire hydrants & hose reel systems on own initiatives to ensure their serviceability state.
  7. Make field inspection and minor maintenances of fire extinguisher, fire hydrant, hose reel & hose boxes and maintain proper records and checklists.
  8. Inspection and test on fixed fire detection & protection system by the local fire authority for their recommendations and comments on reliability of the system.
  9. Assist ECM Supervisor to conduct initial investigation on fire or emergency cases including submission of report to the Head of Emergency & Crisis Management Department.
  1. Candidate must possess at least SPM certificate or others certificate.
  2. Have First Aider skills or Fire Fighting skills is an added value.
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  1. Perform all duties and requirements designated to the Safety and Health Officer, and/or required by regulation or company policy are executed.
  2. Verify compliance with safety regulations and company standards, and ensure all necessary programs and records are prepared and maintained according to established guidelines.
  3. Responsible for achieving measureable results in reducing both the frequency and severity of incidents.
  4. Coordinate and perform workplace risk assessments and routine safety audits, including recommended corrective actions.
  5. Maintain the site in a state of readiness for internal and external audits.
  6. Work with cross functional organizations to improve and develop effective and sustainable solutions for safety challenges, risks and requirements.
  7. Conducts employee training in emergency response, life safety, industrial hygiene, and chemical and fire hazards.
  8. Responds to emergencies and investigates accidents, including root cause analysis, and recommends corrective action.
  9. Completes required federal, state and local government reports relating to safety.
  10. Follows standard practices and procedures in analyzing situations or data from which answers can be readily obtained.
  11. Assist and support the HSE Ops Business Partner with development, implementation and maintenance of HSE programs in Operations Division.
  12. Responsible for facilitating and review Task Risk Assessment to minimize hazards to business & resources.
  1. At least 5 year(s) of working experience in the Safety & Health field.
  2. Attended and Passed Malaysia Safety & Health Officer accredited course.
  3. A certified Safety & Health Officer by NIOSH and registered with DOSH will be an advantage.
  4. Working knowledge and practical experience in safety regulations, codes, and guidelines.
  5. Possess good leadership, team player, organizing and analytical ability, computer literate, work independently, and able to communicate with all level of employees including local authorities.
  6. Knowledge in ISO 9001, ISO 14000, and ISO 45001 implementation and requirements.
  7. Required language(s): English, Bahasa Malaysia.
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  1. Prepare and execute the annual audit plan. 
  2. Plan and oversee audits of port operations to assess controls, operational efficiencies and compliance with all policies, procedures and regulations.
  3. Maintain a comprehensive system for recording all audit plans, work papers, findings, reports, and follow-up audits. 
  4. Ensure the timely and accurate completion of the audit plan. 
  5. Review audit work performed by staff for completion and accuracy. 
  6. Prepare and complete detailed audit work for certain audits 
  7. Conduct audit exit meetings. 
  8. Draft and issue audit reports.
  9. Conduct special audits as required by Audit Committee.
  10. Recommend revisions and/or additions to policies and procedures in order to improve operations as well as internal controls.
  11. Perform analysis or conduct projects as requested by the Chief Executive Officer/Audit Committee. 
  12. Respond to ad hoc requests to address control issues on new business processes, policies and procedures, and provide consultative services to management.
  1. Possess a bachelor’s degree in accounting / Professional Banking / Business Administration / Business Studies / Economics or equivalent. Member of IIAM is an added advantage
  2. Minimum 10 years relevant experience in Auditing with at least 5 years’ experience in leading teams.
  3. Strong analytical and interpersonal skills
  4. Ability to work independently and under pressure.
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  1. To maintain adequate levels of stock to meet daily demands while minimizing excess supply and to work very closely with the Warehouse team, Engineering & Facilities Department and Procurement team to improve and achieve high level of inventory control in order to support Supply Chain Department to achieve level of supply ability
  2. To generate and prepare all types of Inventory Reports required by the management and other users of inventory reports
  3. To generate and publish daily, weekly and monthly KPI Reports to the management
  4. To perform stock analysis (ABC-XYZ) based on supply and consumption pattern and to plan on the replenishment strategy
  5. To engage among stakeholders on the confirmation of items to purchase
  6. To review and discuss on forecast given by Planning team
  7. To perform Inventory strategies for each commodity for the best sourcing approach
  8. To provide training and re-training for new or existing warehouse staffs on Inventory SOPs.
  1. Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree in any field
  2. Minimum 5 years experiences in Inventory Management
  3. Possess leadership, independent and mature
  4. Analytical skills and problem solving oriented
  5. Flexibility and resilience in case of difficult situations and time constraints
  6. Self-motivated and focused on details and results with attitude towards changes
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  1. The Executive for Outbound & Logistic is responsible to perform stock accuracy via Put Away & Picking listing. The duties are to ensure that all materials are properly verified to be reflective of reported inventory. Duties is to maintain inventory accuracy through proper checking and validation of processing of the material
  2. To perform routine task accuracy, check on daily Put Away, Picking & Issuance. Identify the variance & perform Reconciliation
  3. To check data posting on outbound & verify physical checking on each put away by validating items at the storage location (after Put away completed by the Warehouse Administrator)
  4. To consolidate & publish weekly KPI result for Warehouse
  5. To publish Inventory Report on monthly basis for Management reporting.
  6. To manage Document Control for Inventory / Warehouse Reporting.
  7. To manage transport arrangement for parts delivery & collection based in the Incoterm.
  8. Coordinating on the customs clearance for IN & OUT items, Import Duty and GST for non-local purchased. Including transportation PTP movement.
  9. Coordinating, arranging and monitoring the process of sending spares for recondition until delivery after reconditioned including transportation to and/from PTP, domestic and international.
  1. Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree in any field
  2. Minimum 1-year experiences in Warehouse Management
  3. Microsoft package knowledge
  4. Analytical skills and problem solving oriented
  5. Proficient in ERP
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  1. Candidate must possess or currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree / Diploma of Finance or Accounting or equivalent
  2. Required language : English & Bahasa Malaysia
  3. CGPA : At least 2.67 and above
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As part of the Project Support team of the Project Integration Division (PID) which is responsible for the strategic and large capital investments of Port of bet casino Pelepas (PTP), the Head of Section, Planning and Controls Manager will ensure the schedules and plans for managing the individual projects are continuously updated with the latest information, aligned and agreed with the Project Manager and all relevant stakeholders.

The Head of Section is also responsible for managing the Document Control section, which ensures information and documentation of various projects is maintained, archived and readily available to various stakeholders when needed, internally as well as externally.
  online-roulette-free-bonus-no-deposit Master scheduling and planning
  1. Drive a holistic approach in planning, communicating and updating the plans for the projects within the division (civil infrastructure, equipment projects or studies).
  2. Consult and support Project Managers with baseline schedule development, forecast to complete, risks management and opportunities for improvement in an efficient and timely manner. 
  3. He/she develops the master schedules for all PID projects in Microsoft Project that reflect all activities, durations, milestones and interfaces with other divisions, contractor’s/consultant’s schedules and process changes to the integrated master schedule.
  4. Collaborate with planners from other Divisions such as Operations, Engineering, Facilities and external stakeholders (including regulatory bodies, suppliers) as required to integrate all time, cost and scope to support monitoring of project progress.

Project Control

  1. Work closely with Integration Section to ensure financial and contractual aspects of the project reflects the milestone(s) that has been delivered or completed.
  2. Establish and communicate cost and schedule baseline based on earned value methods. Ensure control mechanisms are in place to monitor performance.

Documentation and reporting

  1. Ensure all documentation related to the projects and the Division is properly maintained, archived and readily available with appropriate access and backups to its users.
  2. Drive a systematic approach of projects documentation through a system/software contributing to accessible and up-to-date information from a single source.

Project Framework

  1. Act as the custodian of PID’s Project Implementation Framework (based on PMBoK) and safeguard the compliance of projects with this framework and adjust the framework as required to the needs of the organization.


  1. Continually improve competency skills, develop knowledge of innovative practises or techniques to enhance knowledge for reporting staffs within the Section.
  2. Effectively execute other duties assigned by the Supervisor.
  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Civil/ Electrical/ Mechanical/ Structural or any Engineering related field.
  2. Minimum 10 years of relevant experience in project or portfolio management/ planning roles within construction, infrastructure or related industry. Experience within the port environment is an asset.
  3. Well-structured and able to create overview of issues and follow up thoroughly until resolutions are reached.
  4. Knowledge of Electrical Networks, Building sports betting sites and Infrastructure (Land, Road, Water, Sewerage, etc.) would be an added advantage.
  5. Ability to work independently and has directly managed a small team of 2-4 people.
  6. Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is essential.
  7. Well versed with MS Project or Primavera.
  8. Exceptional leadership and interpersonal skills, able to build strong working relationships and work collaboratively.
  9. Strong presentation skills and highly organised, able to communicate effectively and interact with senior leaders or executives.
  10. Strong written and verbal communication skills in English and Malay.
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